Reading Habits Of Successful People

If you wish to become successful in life and make a mark in this world, it will do you good to learn from the habits of the rich and the successful. They do not become successful overnight. A lot of hard work and perseverance goes into helping them reach the position they have today. Reading is one such habit that is common among the wealthy and the successful of the modern society. According to the latest stories, broad reading habits are a commonly seen trend among emerging leaders and influential people. If you are curious about their reading habits, take a quick peep below:

· Bill Gates tops the list with his love for books He has been quoted as saying that he reads at least one book a week. He even has a blog called Gates Notes if you are looking for insight to build a “To Be Read” list.
· Mark Zuckerberg also started on the path of reading a new book every week in 2015 in an attempt to improve his knowledge. He also launched a book club called A Year of Books to motivate other reads like him.
· Warren Buffett has an insatiable appetite for books and makes up for it by reading at least a thousand pages every single day. Interestingly, he spends up to 80% of his working day reading books. Most booklovers would be jealous of a job like that!
· Emma Watson, the famous actress who made her name through the popular Harry Potter movies franchise as Hermione, has taken her role very seriously by promoting reading among today’s youth b starting her own book club. She is also a part of an innovative group called “The Book Fairies” who go all over the world leaving behind books for people to read, enjoy and then pass on to another person.
· Suzanne Leal is a lawyer who sits on the Tribunal board. Being an author of two books herself, she tries to squeeze in as much reading time as possible according to her time constraints. She says it helps her relax and absorb a lot of information at the same time.

If you are still not sure whether or not to make reading a top priority, here are a few more reasons:

· Keeps You Curious
Reading books offers you a chance to keep you curious about the world and everything in it. As you read more, you learn about more opinions, making you thirsty for more. It is almost like a vicious cycle but in a good way!

· Challenges You
Books keep challenging you as you try to understand what you read. It gives you an insight into different countries and their cultures, helping you broaden your horizon more and lets your brain absorb all this new information. Reading is often prescribed by doctors as an excellent way to keep your brain cells active as you age slowly. It is up to you to keep your brain active and learn a lot of new things along the way.

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